Call Center Software Tools

Live Dashboard

Live Dashboard represents call center activity process. It shows allocation of agents between queus and agent's real state. In addition by means of Dashboard agents may do manual callback to Customers whose calls have not been answered by some reasons.

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Report Viewer

Report Viewer includes Call Detailed Records report, report for Agents per Queues. All reports allow to play recorded sound files.

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Handling Agents and Queues

To handle Queues Silicium uses internal AGI server. AGI server is responsible for agent's login/logout procedure and for inbound calls tracking.

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Reduce amount of unanswered calls: if some inbound call have not been answered for some reason, Silicium remember this call number and if there is another inbound call from this number than Silicium place this call into Queue with high priority.

Otherwise all unanswered calls are shown in the Dashboard and operator may do automatic call back instantly.

  • Java 8
  • Linux
  • MongoDB
  • Mozilla Firefox/Chrome/IE

Silicium may be installed extremely easy. Copy jar file to some folder, setup configuration parameters, run start/stop script.

To request trial version, feel free to contact us.